I Request a Request Form

What a start to the 2014 school year!  I know the Winskill children are already filling their brains with knowledge as my daughter has come home from school everyday and wanted to go straight to bed!  I say NO NO NO...YOU HAVE HOMEWORK!  She's not amused.

It's hard getting children back into school mode.  Heck all summer long they have had the luxury of swimming pools, soccer, t-ball, campfires, vacations, etc...  So when I say "You need to eat your supper, do your homework, and go to bed" , they are not super thrilled about getting up and going to school in the morning.  I know because I remember those days...

So how can we fix this?  How can Friends of Winskill help make children want to go to school everyday?  Make them want to learn?

There is no definite answer, but we can help give them the resources and opportunities to do so.  In years past, the teachers and administration of Winskill Elementary have asked the Friends of Winskill to purchase items for the classroom, school, events...etc.  We have always been more than happy to do so.  This year though, we are making one change in that we are implementing an official Request Form for teachers and staff to fill out first. 

"How do I Request a Request Form?"

  • You may download and print it HERE
  • A school-wide email was sent out with the request form
  • You may obtain it in the Winskill Office

"Where do I send the Request Form when I have filled it out?"

"When will my request form be reviewed?"

  • Your request will be reviewed whenever the board members gather, or at the next Friends of Winskill Meeting
  • If it is an urgent request, please email the Friends of Winskill and we will respond to it quickly.

If you have any questions, you may email us at friendsofwinskill13@gmail.com


Friends of Winskill webmaster