What Would You Say ya do Here...?

With the school year coming to an end shortly, we'd like to say Thank You to all of the supports of Friends of Winskill who made this a wonderful year.  It takes the dedication of  parents, teachers, administrators, and friends to put together some of the events/activities/fundraisers that we had. 

Through out the year your child was bringing home fundraising pamphlets, such as the Little Caesars pizza kits, Schwan's, Lancaster clothing order, Kwik Trip Scrip Gift Cards. 

You may ask yourself  "Where does all the money from the fundraisers go to?" or "Why should I help fundraise?" 

With fundraising, we were able to pay for, or help pay for

Classroom cameras
$100 to each classroom for supplies
A new microphone for the Gym
1st Grade T-shirts
New staff baskets and T-shirts
Freeze pops for hot days
Snow shovels
Snow sleds
Snow packing bricks
Snacks for the WKCE testing
Book racks and magazine subscriptions for the lunchroom
4th Grade dictionaries

We were able to help with...

Science assembly
Homework Club
Specials weeks(Teachers appreciation, Week of the Young Child, etc.)

We were able to organize...

5K Race for Education
Harvest Festival Parade
Family Movie Night
The Sock Hop
End of Year Carnival

None of this would be possible without fundraising.  Remember, the Kwik Trip Gift Card program will continue through out the summer and into next year.  You may stop up at the Winskill office to purchase the gift cards. 

We are always looking for more parent involvement to help with events/activities.  If you would like to know how you can help, you can send an email to info@friendsofwinskill.org